2011 Fall - UH - Brian - Exiguobacterium sp. KKBO11


Gram-positive isolate collected from downstream of a wastewater treatment plant.

Exiguobacterium sp. KKBO11, isolated near a wastewater treatment plant in Houston, Texas, USA, possesses a large number of genes involved in stress response and transport critical to survival in adverse environmental conditions. An unusually high copy number of RNA genes also possibly contributes to this microorganism’s versatility by promoting nutrient uptake.


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Keegan's Bayou, 9304 Tooley Drive, Houston, Texas 77031, United States, 29.668639, -95.54144
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Colonies of Paraoxon
Colonies of Methyl Parathion
Brian Iken
University of Houston
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  • The phylogenetic tree of the BCARR.Homologous protein sequences were identified by BLASTP searches (cutoff e-value >10?50). An unrooted phylogenetic tree displaying branch lengths that was built using ClustalW and the NJ algorithm is shown. To simplify the tree, one sequence was selected from each genus. For the genus Lactobacillus, four sequences were selected from the delbruekii subgroup including L. helveticus, one sequence from each subgroup other than the delbruekii subgroup as defined in the previous report [25]. The scale bar represents base changes per site. A. : Alloiococcus, B. : Bacillus, D. : Dolosigranulum, E. : Enterococcus, F. : Fructobacillus, G. : Granulicatella, Ls. : Leuconostoc, Li. : Listeria, M. : Melissococcus, P. : Pediococcus, T. : Tetragenococcus, W. : Weissella. * Carnobacteriaceae also includes G. adiacens.

From PLOS ONE PHYLOGENY at https://www.flickr.com/photos/123621741@N08/14150148813

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Genomic Biomarkers Titles
Draft Genome Sequence of Exiguobacterium sp. KKBO11, Isolated Downstream of a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Houston, Texas
Target Molecule Titles
A0A177SIM1 · A0A177SIM1_9BACL