2022 Spring - Tarleton - Wed - Summer Croxton - Campus


After a five-week growth period, the SSM_Px sample was indicative of growth, which began to show by the third week, and successfully revitalized in LB broth. However, after plating, there was not any more bacterial growth.

Data for Soil Sample and Researcher
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Stephenville, TX, 1904 W. Tarleton St, Stephenville, TX 76401, United States, 32.213, -98.22182
Collection Date of Soil Sample
Colonies of Paraoxon
Colonies of Methyl Parathion
Summer Croxton
Tarleton State University
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Week2: No growth seems to have happened as the samples are clear and clean.
Week3: Noticeable color change in SSM_Px and very slight color change in CSM_MP. No visible changes in the other tubes.
Week4: Still an apparent color change of yellow in the SSM_PX tube and a very slight color difference in the CSM_MP tube. Some type of orange/white substance has settled in the bottom of the SSM_MP tube and will float around if you swirl the tube.
Week5: The color of CSM_Px is now bright yellow. The color of SSM_Px is pretty much the same but possibly less vibrant.
Revitalized LB Culture: The SSM_Px was indicative of bacterial growth and chosen to be revitalized in new LB broth. This too, was a dark color indicative of growth so it was later plated.